Top 5 Lowest Recoil Guns In PUBG New State – Best Weapons Of PUBG New State

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This article will guide you to pick the Top 5 Lowest Recoil Guns In PUBG New State. Selection of the best weapons PUBG: New State is a bit difficult task if you are new to the game. But low recoil guns in PUBG New State are always the best selection because you get a good aim angle.

That’s why in this article I will be sharing all the guns which don’t cause high recoil and also deliver good damage to the opponent from large as well as short distances.

Lowest Recoil Guns In PUBG New State

Here are all the best weapons of PUBG New State that have the lowest recoil and delivers more damage to the opponent.

1. AUG

In our listing, AUG is the least recoil weapon, but it will only be available in Air Drops. AUG bullets travel faster than any normal AR weapon, with better accuracy. It uses 5.56 mm ammo that delivers the damage of 41.

There are some negative sides as well, such as not being useful for close-range combat, slow reloading speed, and fire rate. But for mid-range battle, 3X with AUG A3 could be a better choice.

PUBG New State AUG A3

2. M416

M416 has been the favorite weapon of almost every player. It doesn’t matter you are a newbie or playing for years. M416 is always a better selection for mid-range and close-range combat, with maximum accuracy and damage.

The best part about M416 is its reloading speed and attachment-holding nature that accepts almost every AR attachment. The base damage and ammo are the same as AUG that is 41 and 5.56 mm. M416 Glacier gun skin is everyone’s favorite, if you haven’t got it, then try opening crates and test your luck.


3. DP-28

DP-28 is a light machine gun that gives better accuracy when you are prone or crouch. For mid-range, it is one of the finest guns but for close-range, it is not recommended because of its slow reloading speed.

It uses 7.62 ammo that delivers the base damage up to 51. This could be a great choice if you have to Knock Out opponents going on vehicles.


4. Vector

Vector is one of the best SMG with a high fire rate and low recoil. It uses 9.9 mm ammo but never forgets to pick up the extended mag to avoid low ammunition. Because of the high fire rate, it can easily take down 1 or 2 opponents.

BGMI Vector

5. UMP45

If you have a good reflex and have to battle in close range then UMP45 is one of the finest SMG even after comparing with the ARs.

If the opponent is with ARs and you have good aim, then the opponent can be easily taken down before they knock you out.


This is the complete guide on the selection of the Lowest Recoil Guns in PUBG New State. If you have any further queries or suggestions, your feedback is most welcome. These weapons become even more vulnerable when customized using custom kit.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about Top 5 Lowest Recoil Guns In PUBG New State – Best Weapons Of PUBG New State. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with