How To Get More Finishes In PUBG Mobile?

This is the complete guide on How To Get More Finishes In PUBG Mobile. To get victory, you have to survive till the end of the match by finishing all the opponents. But it is not that much easy to get more finishes, you have to put lots of efforts to get victory.

Here are some of the pro-tips followed by eSports players in the professional tournaments to achieve victory and grab the trophy. You can also apply these strategies in your gameplay. Initially it might be difficult but with some practice you will master them and will be able to grab large number of finishes in every match.

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How To Get More Finishes In PUBG Mobile?

How To Get More Finishes (Kills) In PUBG Mobile?

  1. Hot Drop: In BGMI/PUBG Mobile there are many hot drop locations where lots of loots are available and at hot drop locations most of the players land for higher loot, but you have to be quick otherwise the opponent will defeat you. So try to land as soon as possible and pickup the best weapon before others grab them.
  2. Try Sniper: If you want more kills but don’t want to take risk, then you should try sniping with maximum possible scope. Snipers ammo deals with a massive damage and require only one shot to finish the opponent.
  3. Keep Eye On Airdrop: Airdrop is another most attractive item of BGMI and PUBG Mobile that every player wants to open. Airdrop is full of most useful and dangerous weapons, and the best weapon available in airdrop is AWM and level 3 armours. So always keep an eye on airdrop because players may go for it.
  4. Use Vehicle: For moving faster in the game we have to use vehicle it is used in various ways such as for quick movement, safety, finish enemies easily. The best vehicle you should choose in PUBGM are UAZ, Decia, and Monster Truck.
  5. Play Solo: It might sound weird but yes it is right, there are some players in a squad who tries to finish others opponents. But when you are playing solo, then everything will be in your control and no one will take your finish.

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