How To Get Chicken Dinner In PUBG New State?

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This is the complete guide on How To Get Chicken Dinner In PUBG New State with minimum efforts and quickly get the chicken dinner. In this article, I will be sharing the best ways that every pro players and eSports players uses to get chicken dinner for themselves. I’m not 100% sure that you will get chicken dinner or not, but the probability of victory will increase if you follow it genuinely and practice a bit.

PUBG New State Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

How To Get Chicken Dinner In PUBG New State?

Here are some of the best techniques to get chicken dinner in PUBG New State:

1. Drop Location

In every there are some drop location where lots of loot can be found easily along with good kills. At hot drop locations, almost every player like to jump. So our advice is to mark those hot drop locations in PUBG New State map Troi/Erangel 2051 and land swiftly to pick up best weapons and finish all those enemies approaching towards you. If you manage to get weapons when others are in the air, there are chances that you can finish them while they are about to land.

2. Weapon Combination

The more vulnerable the weapon is, the better finishes you can earn in short time. Variety guns are available in PUBG: New State that can be used depending upon the situations, so you have to learn all of them one by one by practicing in the training ground and pick up the best weapons of PUBG New State.

You can pick the Shotguns for short range fight, for mid-range assault rifles like M416, AKM, DP-28 are the finest weapons of PUBG New State with less recoil with higher damage, and for longer range snipers are always a better choice, but you have to hit the target precisely with the help of long-range scope in Sniper AWM is most vulnerable, but it is only found in Air Drops, so you can also go with Kar98 or M24.

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3. Armor Selection

As you know, PUBG: New State is the game of survival where you have to finish your opponents and survive till the end of the match to get chicken dinner. But along with giving damage, you also have to protect yourself with the help of high-level armors. So always try getting high-level Vest and Helmet as they help very much against bullets.

4. Throwables Selection

In PUBG New State there are total of 4 throwables. Throwables are very much effective in every situation let it be for rush or protection, it helps in every situation. So practice each of the throwables and master them for better finishes.

5. Rush Carefully

When the enemy is not visible or taking cover behind something unexpected item in such situation most of the players think of rushing. But they simply go in front of them and gets knocked, but it can be done carefully if you figure out everything about that location and rush carefully. Most players pick up a sniper and long-range scope (8X) and look for every aspect of that location, then think of rushing, so you can also try the same thing.

PUBG New State Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Stats

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