BGMI Gun Damage List & Details (Fire Rate, Ammo)

This article is complete guide to BGMI all gun damage list along with its fire rate, ammo and more details. Here you will know everything about BGMI guns damage, BGMI weapon damage chart along with the BGMI all gun damage list. PUBG Mobile and BGMI have a massive list of weapons and throwables, and each of these has its own criteria for use in different situations for different ranges.

BGMI Best Gun List Of All Category

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BGMI Weapons List & BGMI Gun Damage List

BGMI all gun damage list have been given in the table below, along with their Type, Ammo, and Fire Rate per second. You can find the complete BGMI gun name list by navigating to Inventory > Gun Icon, and all the weapons will appear one after another.

BGMI Gun Damage List & Details (Fire Rate, Ammo)

Throwables In BGMI

Throwable is a kind of weapon in BGMI that that deal with very high damage for the players staying in their range. Punches also give good damage to 18 HP. Throwable weapon in BGMI that you will be getting are:

  1. Apple
  2. Snowball
  3. Stun Grenade
  4. Frag Grenade
  5. Smoke Grenade
  6. Molotov Cocktail

Assault Rifles (AR)

AR is the first category of firing weapons of our listing, in the assault rifles you get the option of automatic, burst, and single-firing mode as well. These weapons can be used for both short and long-range combat, with massive damage. M416, AKM, SCAR-L are some of the best weapons of AR. A quick overview of all the weapons in this list has been mentioned below.

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
AKM7.62 mm60049 HP
M16A5.56 mm60043 HP
SCAR-L5.56 mm57643 HP
M4165.56 mm66043 HP
GROZA7.62 mm75049 HP
AUG A35.56 mm66043 HP
QBZ5.56 mm62543 HP
M7627.62 mm60047 HP
MK47 Mutant7.62 mm60049 HP
G36C5.56 mm70043 HP
FAMAS5.56 mm75053 HP

M762, AUG A3, AKM, M416, and Groza are the 5 best Assault Rifles in BGMI. All these weapons are high damaging and easy to control. Best thing about these best ARs some of them are available easily.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

Snipers are actually long-range rifles, it includes everyone’s favorite Kar98K and most damaging AWM. These weapons can fire only one bullet at once, so use them wisely and try to hit the head.

Kar98K7.62 mm75 HP
M247.62 mm79 HP
AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum).300 Magnum105 HP
WIN947.62 mm66 HP
Mosin Nagant Sniper7.62 mm79 HP

In this list AWM is the best and most damaging sniper of BGMI, but it can be found only in airdrops which is a bit risky, so pick it safely and use smartly.

Automatic Sniper Rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) which are now known as Automatic Sniper Rifles. These weapons are also very damaging, from this list Mini14 is loved by most of the players.

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
SKS7.62 mm67053 HP
VSS9 mm70041HP
Mini145.56 mm60046 HP
MK147.62 mm67061 HP
SLR7.62 mm60058 HP
QBU5.56 mm60048 HP
MK125.56 mm60046 HP


Submachine Guns (SMG) are the best for close-range combat. Automatic submachine guns include my favorite UZI, PP-19 Bizon, and some other guns that are mentioned below.

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
UZI9 mm1,20026 HP
UMP450.45 ACP67039 HP
Vector9 mm1,10031 HP
Thompson SMG (Tommy Gun)0.45 ACP67040 HP
PP-19 Bizon9 mm66035 HP
MP5K9 mm90033 HP
P909 mmN/AN/A

In this list Vector, UZI and Tommy Gun are the best SMG in BGMI that has higher fire rate and damage. PP-19 Bizon is also a good weapon and deals with sufficient damage, but its fire rate is a bit lower, so you can use it if you are not getting any better weapon.


When you have to take down an opponent in close range (100m) my suggestion is to go with any of the below-mentioned Shotguns. These deliver fatal damage to the opponent and have the capability to finish in a single shot.

WeaponsAmmoFiring ModeDamage (Per Pellet)
S68612 GaugeSemi-auto26 HP
S189712 GaugePump action26 HP
S12K12 GaugeSemi-auto24 HP
DBS12 Gauge2-shell pump action26 HP
M1014 Shotgun12 GaugeSemi-auto24 HP

Light Machine Gun

In the Light Machine Gun category, almost all of us love using DP-28 because of its high damaging power with minimum recoil. Some other weapons of this category are mentioned in the table below.:

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
M2495.56 mm80045 HP
DP-287.62 mm55051 HP
MG37.62 mmN/AN/A

DP-28 & M249 both are a high damaging Light Machine available in BGMI, but you won’t be able to find it easily. You have to look for every possible places because their spawn rate is very low.


It is good to have a bad gun than no gun, and when you drop to a populated area my recommendation is to not ignore any weapon you find even a pistol which is very less damaging. The spawn rate of pistols in Battlegrounds Mobile India is too much so you don’t need to struggle in finding them.

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
P929 mm42045 HP
P1911.45 ACP54541 HP
R18957.62 mm15055 HP
P18C9 mm1,00023 HP
R45.45 ACP24055 HP
Sawed-off12 GaugeN/A160 HP
Flare GunN/AN/ACall Drop
Skorpion9 mm85022 HP
Desert Eagle.45 ACP24062 HP


Melee weapons are hand weapon that can hit only the near person. From this list Pan is most damaging, one shot of pan can finish any opponent at once.

  • Machete
  • Crowbar
  • Sickle
  • Pan


Here comes the last weapon Crossbow, the damage and reloading are very low so my recommendation is to avoid it when you find a better gun.

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (in seconds)Damage

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Which SMG Has The Lowest Damage In BGMI?

P90 is the lowest damage SMG in BGMI, and its fire rate is also very low in comparison to the rest of the SMGs available in the list.

Which Is Most Damaging Gun In BGMI?

AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) has the highest damage in BGMI. One shot of AWM is enough to finish the opponent.

What Is BGMI Best Shotgun Name?

BGMI Best Shotgun Name is S686 and DBS. Their one proper shot is sufficient to take knock the enemy.

How Many Guns Are There In BGMI?

There are total 48 guns in BGMI. Excluding guns, there are 4 Melee weapons, and 6 throwables available in BGMI.

This is the complete list of BGMI Weapons and their quick overview. All these equipment works best when they are connected with their best appropriate attachments. You can easily find their best attachments by clicking on their name.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about BGMI Gun Damage List & Details (Fire Rate, Ammo). If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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