Best Gun In BGMI and PUBG (Damage & Fire Rate)

This article is a complete guide to Best Gun In BGMI and PUBG that have high damage delivery and low recoil with easy availability. BGMI has a variety of shooting weapons and there are categories for each weapon, because of their similar behavior. But it is difficult to identify the best guns in BGMI as there are dozens of shooting guns and throwables.

Here, in this article, you will find all the useful guns from every category so that you don’t get confused on the battlefield that which one you should pick and which one to avoid. Because picking up the wrong weapon will take you to defeat.

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PUBG and BGMI Best Gun List

List Of Best Gun In BGMI and PUBG

These are the Best Guns In BGMI and PUBG, preferred by almost every pro player of PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
AKM7.62 mm60049 HP
SCAR-L5.56 mm60043 HP
M4165.56 mm66043 HP
M7627.62 mm60047 HP
AUG A35.56 mm66043 HP
G36C5.56 mm70043 HP
FAMAS5.56 mm75053 HP
GROZA7.62 mm75049 HP
AWM.300 MagnumN/A105 HP
M247.62 mmN/A79 HP
Kar98K7.62 mmN/A75 HP
Mini 145.56 mm60046 HP
SLR7.62 mm60058 HP
SKS7.62 mm67053 HP
UZI9 mm1,20026 HP
P909 mmN/AN/A
UMP450.45 ACP67039 HP
MP5K9 mm90033 HP
Vector9 mm1,10039 HP
DBS12 Gauge2-shell pump action26 HP
S12K12 GaugeSemi-auto24 HP
M2495.56 mm80045 HP
DP-287.62 mm55051 HP
Sawed-off12 GaugeN/A160 HP
Skorpion9 mm85022 HP
R18957.62 mm15055 HP
Desert Eagle.45 ACP24062 HP

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Best Assault Rifles in BGMI

ARs are the most useful weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India, as they can be used in any situation and deals with high damage. And the best thing, all the best ARs are easily found because their spawn rate is high.

The best assault rifles in BGMI are AKM, SCAR-L, M416, M762. These are some of the weapons preferred by most of the players, but AUG A3, G36C, FAMAS, GROZA are even more damaging because of their high fire rates.

Best Sniper Rifles In BGMI

With no doubt, AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is the best Bolt Action Sniper Rifles in BGMI. But it is very difficult to find and can be found only in airdrops. But if you don’t want to take risks, M24 & Kar98K would be a better suggestion.


Automatic Sniper Rifles or Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) are neither snipers nor assault rifles. They have higher fire rates than snipers, but not as fast as ARs, with more damage than ARs, but not quite as high as Snipers. If players are shooting in a single-fire mode with precision, it can deal with high damage like snipers in one shot.

Mini 14 are the best automatic sniper rifle in BGMI because of its stability and high magazine size. But if you need a more damaging automatic sniper in BGMI then SLR and SKS could be a better choice.


For close-range combat and when it comes to running and shooting, Submachine Guns (SMG) are the best choice. They offer an excellent fire rate.

The best Submachine Guns in BGMI are UZI and P90 because of their higher fire rate. But if it is not available then UMP45, MP5K, and Vector can also be good choices.

Best Shotguns In BGMI

Shotguns in Battlegrounds Mobile India are the most damaging weapons because their one good shot is enough to finish the opponent in a single shot, but only if they are in very close range.

When it comes to the selection of the Best shotguns in BGMI, almost every player goes for either DBS or SK12. Because of their damaging power and fire mode.

Best Light Machine Gun In BGMI

If you are looking for a weapon that has large ammo capacity and stability in full auto and also deals with high damage, then nothing could be better than Light Machine Guns (LMGs).

In BGMI there are two best LMGs M249 and DP-28. M249 is better than DP-28 in damaging but the bad thing about M249 is it can be found only in Air Drops, so DP-28 can be a good choice as they are easily available in the playing ground and also deal with good damage because of the high fire rate.

Best Pistol In BGMI

The pistol should be the last choice, and pick it only when you have nothing to defend. Because they are more in number but delivers min damage to the opponent. But there are some best pistols in BGMI such as Sawed-off, Skorpion, R1895, and Desert Eagle.

These are the best weapons of BGMI that are used by most of the pro players and eSports players who have won global championship trophies. So you can use them for yourself and grab maximum chicken dinners.

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Which Is The Best Gun In BGMI?

M416 & DP-28 is the best guns in BGMI that can be used as a combination in any situations.

Which Is The Most Powerful Gun In BGMI?

AWM is the most powerful gun in BGMI. It can knock out players even with Level 3 helmet.

Which Is The Most Damage Gun In BGMI?

Sawed-off is the most damage gun in BGMI. It deals with a damage of 160HP.

Which Is The Best Close Range Gun In BGMI?

DBS, Sawed-off, M416, AKM are the best close range gun in BGMI.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about PUBG and BGMI Best Gun List (Damage & Fire Rate). If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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