Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

This is the complete guide to Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks. Here I have shared some technique by which you can improve your aim accuracy and master headshot in PUBG like it is happening automatically. Many people use PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot File Download 2022, Auto Headshot Config PUBG Mobile, which is completely illegal way and not allowed by the game, and you should never use such things. That’s why we will be using 100% legal methods allowed by the game developers so that we don’t face any issue or ban in the future.

PUBG Mobile is a game of survival and the last surviving party wins the match, but to win the game with maximum points you have to finish the opponents. And to finish the opponents quickly, headshot is the best thing that you can do. So by following this article you will be able to deliver headshot in PUBG Mobile with better accuracy.

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Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

There can be hundreds of tips & tricks to improve PUBG Mobile headshot accuracy. By following these tips and tricks, your accuracy will be just amazing. By applying these tips & tricks, it will be like Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile without any config file.

1. Aim Assist

The aim assist feature is available in PUBG Mobile as well as BGMI. It helps you to aim correctly and improves headshot. It is noticed that players who play with Aim Assist enabled have better aim accuracy in comparison to Aim Assist off. When you enable the Aim Assist and opening the scope the crosshair will automatically move towards head and by practicing it will be improved a lot.

2. Sensitivity Settings

In the PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings is an important part of the game. A minor change in sensitivity can ruin all your gameplay, so it is highly recommended to have an ideal sensitivity for headshot according to your expertise. You can also control your recoil as well as improve aim accuracy a lot if your sensitivity is according to your need.

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3. Practice Headshot

You might have listened, Practice Makes a Man Perfect. PUBG Mobile has made a separate training ground for practice where ammo can’t harm you, so you can practice freely. Your headshot skills can be improved a lot if you are practicing in training ground by making some changes to your sensitivity settings.

Here you have all the guns, attachments, ammo unlimited, so you can practice as much you want and improve your headshot accuracy in the training ground. There are different modes, so try all of them one by one, practice with all your favorite weapons that you use the most in the game.

4. Prone & Shoot

For stable shots, it is recommended to shoot in prone. If you are aiming for headshot or spray in prone, then the ammo won’t spread and recoil will also be in control. So by stabilizing your aim, headshot in PUBG Mobile can be improved a lot.

5. Gyroscope

In PUBG Mobile and BGMI you can control your aim just by tilting your device. In my opinion you should play with Gyroscope On as so many eSports players use it, and they have also advised their followers to use this feature. So if you haven’t tried this try Gyroscope, and it will help you for sure. Initially it might be a bit weird, but by practicing in the Training Ground you can master this too.

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What Are Best Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks?

Follow the above tips & tricks for best PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot and win the match by finishing all the opponents.

Should I Use PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot File Download 2022?

No, you should never use PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot file download 2022. Because it is neither legal nor allowed by the game.

Does Aim Assist Help To Improve Headshot In PUBG Mobile?

Yes, Aim Assist is the best to improve headshot in PUBG Mobile.

Can I Use These Tips & Tricks For BGMI Auto Headshot?

Yes, you can use these tips & tricks for auto headshot in BGMI. But never use any config file for auto headshot in BGMI otherwise your account will be banned. So you should always avoid such things.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile/BGMI Tips & Tricks. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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