Wynnsanity PUBG Sensitivity Code & Controls [Sensitivity Code & Control Code]

Wynnsanity PUBG Sensitivity Settings & Control Code: For perfect gameplay, an ideal sensitivity, and control have a significant role, let it be PUBG Mobile, BGMI, or any game. Therefore, having the best sensitivity settings like Wynnsanity will help us to grab maximum chicken dinner and become the winner.

This article will find the latest PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings and control code of Wynnsanity. You see, every player has their way of playing a game. So you can import these settings and customize them according to your requirements. You can also use these Sensitivity Settings and Controls of Wynnsanity for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In-Game Name (IGN)Wynnsanity
PUBG ID511622910
Control Code7007-2506-9547-9375-327
Sensitivity Code7007-2506-9547-9375-328

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Wynnsanity PUBG Mobile Control Layout/HUD

Wynnsanity PUBG Mobile Control Layout/HUD

Wynnsanity Camera Settings

3rd Person No Scope146%
1st Person No Scope135%
TPP Aim134%
FPP Aim120%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist70%
2x Scope44%
3x Scope, Win9434%
4x Scope, VSS20%
6x Scope20%
8x Scope15%

Wynnsanity ADS Settings

3rd Person No Scope129%
1st Person No Scope83%
TPP Aim125%
FPP Aim126%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist60%
2x Scope40%
3x Scope, Win9433%
4x Scope, VSS22%
6x Scope22%
8x Scope17%

Wynnsanity Free Look Settings

3rd Person Camera (Character, Vehicle)120%
1st Person Camera (Character)120%
Camera (Parachuting)84%

Wynnsanity Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope300%
1st Person No Scope300%
TPP Aim120%
FPP Aim120%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist135%
2x Scope146%
3x Scope, Win94100%
4x Scope, VSS88%

How To Import BGMI Sensitivity Settings & Controls Layout?

Wynnsanity PUBG Sensitivity Code & Control Code

You can use the above settings by adjusting everything manually. But if you want to import it directly into your PUBG account, these share codes will be useful.

Wynnsanity Control Code: 7007-2506-9547-9375-327

Wynnsanity Sensitivity Code: 7007-2506-9547-9375-328

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Only importing these settings won’t make you a pro player; it needs hard work and lots of practice. So I advise you to use these data with some customization from your side according to your convenience.

You can test how these settings work by visiting training mode. In training mode, you can practice with a free mind because there is no fear of getting knocked. I wish you all the best for Chicken Dinner.


What Is The Real Name Of Wynnsanity?

Wynndham Curtis is the real name of Wynnsanity.

What Is Wynnsanity PUBG ID?

511622910 is Wynnsanity PUBG ID.

What Is Wynnsanity In-Game-Name (IGN)?

Wynnsanity is Wynnsanity’s in-game name (IGN). It keeps changing, so you can search for him by his PUBG Mobile ID (511622910).

What Is Wynnsanity PUBG Control Code?

Wynnsanity PUBG Control Code is 7007-2506-9547-9375-327.

What Is Wynnsanity PUBG Sensitivity Code?

Wynnsanity PUBG Sensitivity Code is 7007-2506-9547-9375-328.

Wrap Up

I’m assuming this article would be helpful for you to get complete information about Wynnsanity PUBG Sensitivity Code & Controls [Sensitivity Code & Control Code]. For more news and updates, stay tuned to WargXP.com.