How To Turn Off BGMI Warning (This Is a Simulation Game BGMI Off)

This is the step-by-step tutorial on How To Turn Off BGMI Warning (This Is a Simulation Game BGMI Off). If you are also frustrated with the simulation audio warning at the beginning of the match in Battlegrounds Mobile India and looking for a tutorial on How To Stop BGMI Announcement, then this article is for you. Here I will save you from listening to that irritating, annoying announcement at the beginning of every match.

This is a simulation game set in a virtual world and does not represent real life, please play in moderation, take frequent breaks and play responsively.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India: How To Turn Off Simulation Game Warning?

How To Turn Off BGMI Warning?

Step 1: Click on the Up arrow (right bottom corner)

Click on the arrow

Step 2: Tap on Settings

Tap on settings

Step 3: Navigate to Basic settings → Turn off “Spawn Island Broadcast

Navigate to basic settings → Turn off "Spawn Island Broadcast"

If you have any further query watch the below video or drop your questions in the comment.

This is how you can easily stop this annoying simulation audio warning. If you love it, then it can be turned on anytime by enabling the Spawn Island Broadcast option by navigating to basic settings.

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